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Tuition Waiver & Loan

 Tuition Waiver 學雜費減免
The Division administers the tuition waiver program. All NCKU students who are ROC nationals and who are eligible for a tuition waiver shall apply to the Division with the relevant documents. 
1. According to the Regulations on Student Tuition Waiver, a student is eligible to apply for a tuition waiver on the condition that he/she does not receive any equivalent subsidy from a government agency or any other sources.
2. A reenrolled /readmitted student who has used a tuition waiver for the semester/year before being suspended /expelled from school shall not apply for a tuition waiver for an equivalent semester/ year.
3. Any certificate issued by a village/township/ city office or a social welfare agency to certify a low-income/ underprivileged family status should bear the name of the student.
★ Student Loan 就學貸款
1. NCKU students who are ROC nationals from any low-income family (with an annual salary of  below NT$1.14 million) are eligible to apply for a student loan.
2. Applications for a student loan are administered on a semester-by-semester basis.
3. A student loan covers such items as a tuition, insurance premiums, lodging, and books.
It is intended to allow students to study on campus free from financial pressures.