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Student Appeals

Student Appeals 學生申訴
The Student Appeals Committee is established to safeguard the rights and interests of students living and studying at the university so as to create a harmonious campus. A student is entitled to appeal in the following situations:
1.Any individual student or any student organization that disagrees with a school administrative, academic or disciplinary decision on the ground that it violates the rights and interests of students should first seek an administrative resolution to the issue. Any student or student organization that disagrees with the administrative resolution is then entitled to lodge an appeal with the Student Appeals Committee through the Division.
2.Appeal procedures:
A student who receives a letter of notification for a disciplinary resolution is eligible to appeal through a due administrative procedure. Should an administrative resolution fail, the student may proceed to appeal in a written form to the Student Appeals Committee within ten days of being notified of the resolution. The appeals form is available from the download section on the homepage of the Office of Student Affairs.

3.The student appeals system is intended as a remedial measure to review any school decision that may violate the rights and interests of students. Petition or opinions, which fail to amount to an appeal as defined in this document, should be referred to the relevant offices, and will not be accepted and processed in this system.

item National Cheng Kung University Regulations Governing the Establishment and Administration of the Student Appeals Review Committee
item NCKU Student Appeal Application Form  (ODF Format Download)
item NCKU Student Appeal SOP